Networks' Possibilities

In the beginning of June the 3rd Nordic Postgraduate Conference of the History of Ideas (NIHK2001) was arranged in Helsinki. The initiative for the conference comes from the "grass root" level. All in all, the main factor has been the organisersí activity and interest in their work and their desire to create new contacts with people with similar thoughts both at home and abroad.

We have been used to the fact, that the publication of the papers from the international conferences may take even a couple of years. However, Ennen & nyt (aka "The Before and Now") makes history by publishing the NIHK papers in its special number 2/01, only a couple of months after the conference took place. We can even say that this kind of a publication with a worldwide distribution is an important landmark in the Finnish publishing of history.

Ennen & nyt is, like the conference, an organisation based on the network principle, born out of the enthusiasm of its makers, able to react quickly to interesting phenomena and topics. Dynamic co-operation is the keyword. Besides, anyone can promote these network principles: please, tell the others about the Ennen & nyt!

We are going to continue on our path. Born on May in this year, our Internet journal publishes its 3rd number on September and October, and the 4th one on November and December.

As typical for the Internet, our journal will be issued in "real time". This means that you are welcome to visit our website regularly. Most often you will find something new and interesting. And while waiting new articles, the previous ones can be reached and reviewed easily from our archives.

Like a good book, it is always a pleasure to read a good journal again.

Helsinki, August 31, 2001
Jari Sedergren