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Publishing policy

Ennen ja nyt is an open access journal for research in history and related disciplines. Refereed articles pass the anonymous referee process which is conducted by two experts; the editor-in-chief makes the final decision on publishing an article. Publishing articles in the journal is done free of charge, as it is to read them. The journal’s editing and publishing expenses are covered with grants and scholarly institutions. The pre-publishing or republishing of an article is allowed as long as the editor-in-chief is informed and Ennen ja nyt is cited as the original/primary publication. The journal’s national scientific publication rating is level 1. See

For further information, please contact the Editor-in-Chief:

Dr. Lauri Keskinen,
lokesk (AT)
Ennen ja nyt
c/o Cultural history, Sirkkala

Editorial board

The editorial board of the journal consists of the following persons:

Reetta Eiranen, TaY
Emilia Karppinen, TY
Taneli Hiltunen, TY
Outi Hupaniittu, TY
Antti-Jussi Nygård, TY
Tapio Onnela, TY
Merja Paksuniemi, LY
Anna-Leena Perämäki, TY
Mikko Pollari, TaY
Jari Sedergren, KAVA
Matleena Sopanen, TaY
Ringa Takanen, TY
Hanna Talikka, TY
Olli Kleemola, TY


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